India-US Relationship Intensified In President Biden’s First 100 Days: Official

PM Modi and Joe Biden are seen together in a file photo. India-US Relationship

While visiting India, Joe Biden said that “There has been a marked increase in the intensity of Indo-US engagement under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi and President Obama.”


The relationship between India and the United States has intensified in the first 100 days of the Biden administration, a State Department official said in Washington.

The engagement between the two countries during this period reflects a global comprehensive partnership, State Department spokesperson Ned Price said, asserting that there has been a concerted focus on India over these 100 days.

India-US Relationship

India and the US are two of the most important countries in the world. Most importantly, they are two very close friends who share common values of democracy. Their official relationship has been there in various forms since 1947, however, this time Prime Minister Modi and President Obama seem to have found a way to bring them together with an intense focus on improving the economic and defense-related relationship between their nations. What is President Obama and PM Modi doing that is unique? How about our Prime Minister – what type of

“There’s been a concerted focus on India over the past 100 days. President Biden, of course, did make mention of India in his (State of the Union) address last night, and I think you can look at that deep partnership and commitment to partnership through any number of lenses,” Price said at his daily news conference.

Biden himself had an opportunity to speak to Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently. Secretary of State Tony Blinken has engaged with his counterpart, Foreign Minister S Jaishankar, several times as well, he said.

There have been several high-level delegations. Special Envoy on Climate Change John Kerry was in India not all that long ago. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin was in India to discuss elements of India-US security cooperation, Price said.

“We have engaged with India in a multilateral context as well through the Quad, both at the ministerial level and, for the first time ever, at the leader level,” he said.

“I have mentioned our climate cooperation, but also our health cooperation, and this was something that predates the pandemic but has intensified with the onset of the pandemic and even further with the uptick in cases that we have seen in India in recent days,” Price said.

“So, I think it is this engagement that reflects our global comprehensive partnership,” he said in response to a question.

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